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Gua Sha


Gua Sha (pronounced "gwa shaw") stimulates the movement of Qi and unblocks blood stagnation. In the process it works simultaneously on the skin, connective tissue, lymph system, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and brain. This in turn affects other systems and organs - in other words, your entire body.

What can Gua Sha treat?

Gua Sha helps to strengthen the immune system, cleanses the body of toxins, improves circulation and rebalances emotions. As a result, it can provide relief for all sorts of different ailments as well as being a valuable preventative therapy:

  • pain associated with acute and chronic disorders
  • back, neck and other musculo-skeletal problems
  • coughs and colds
  • flu, bronchitis and asthma
  • digestive disorders

How is Gua Sha applied?

After lubricating the skin with oil, the area to be treated is literally scraped, until the Sha is drawn to the surface in the form of a mild rash. The marks are usually red, although their colour can range from pink to dark purple depending on your condition and the severity of your blood stagnation.

Although the skin may look quite angry, it's not painful at all. Within hours of treatment it starts to fade and a few days later has gone. The therapeutic effects can be dramatic. Even after the first treatment, pain is eased, mobility improves and life begins to feel good again.

Facial Gua Sha

This is a new natural skin healing method, originated from traditional Gua Sha healing.

Benefits include:- stimulates blood circulation, clears blocked pores, balances the yin/yang in the body and strengthens your immune system.

This allows detoxification of toxins under the skin, irons out fine lines and wrinkles, gives lift and tone to your face, a reduction in acne, antioxidant and pigmentation of the skin due to improved blood circulation and most importantly gives you a more radiant and healthy glow to your skin.

Interestingly, some people may find `ease of mind' due to the increase in blood circulation.

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